Aban Hawkins Edit

Aban Hawkins, of Bristol, England, is a world-hopping adventurer. His father, Jim, found several notable ruins, not including the legendary lost city El Dorado.

He was searching for his father in the Antarctic, when he fell into a crevasse. He awoke in the world of Cosmitopia with nothing more than a throwing knife. He's taken up his new life here exploring the various areas of the world and trying not to die from traps, spikes, and giant statues.

Aban is a tall individual with black messy hair, a yellow jacket, and a yellow cowboy hat. He -always- carries a small dagger, enchanted with the magics of Cosmitopia. As he hails from our earth, he uses little to no magic. He can use modern (( Handgun, Shotgun, etc. )) weaponry, and knives.

Aban is an angry man most of the time.