Aibo, a robot sent down to Cosmitopia by aliens long after the war, had but one purpose: to spy. Spy on the Cosmitopians, view their advances, bring information back to the Alien Queen. Little known to the aliens, Aibo had a soul - unlike any other robot created by them. The sentient robot began to befriend the inhabitants of the strange planet. At first, the people were skeptical, but over time, Aibo became well-liked across the planet. Of course, the aliens are furious, and will do anything they can to bring him back.

Aibo possesses alien technology far ahead of Cosmitopia, and thus he has a lot of advantages over the planet's human inhabitants. Of these technologies include a machine gun that shoots lasers, burning through anything and everything. He also has minor teleportation abilities, though he rarely uses them because of his "ride" - a UFO. The UFO has infinite fuel and can go anywhere in the world. Aibo also possesses a flask that can be thrown on the ground to explode, poisoning anyone in the resulting cloud.

Aibo tends to be very social, but has a horrible sense of artistry and can sometimes be a bit clueless.