Vital statistics
Position Angel of balance.
Age 28
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5"11"
Weight 230 lbs
Binary is the lady of Shadow and Mysticism.

She fights neither for Good or Evil, but for a balance between the two. She is one who dabbles in the Sphere of Shadow. She is neither pure or impure.

Her abilities are unmatched, and uncatergorized. "Shadow" is simply her title. Whether or not she remains within that sphere is her business.


At a very young age, a war inside the underworld between two warring factions began. Her parents, fearful of losing their daughter to the cold hands of death, sent her to live among the Frappe, preventing her from becoming completely evil. As a result of being exposed to both cultures, Binary gained a thorough understanding of Good and Evil. However, she decided to remain neutral, due to having childhood friends in both places. Also, she understood the need for balance, and foresaw a greater threat than Good and Evil; an impending doom brought on by a new war, by the oldest combatants in history; Order and Chaos.

Trivia Edit

All this trivia is cannon to the roleplay, although some events may of happened before any official roleplay started.

Binary has a Cult worshiping and protecting her.

Binary's skin appears dark due to the areas she is usually in, her skin is actually very pale and her hood darkens her skin. The hood appears bright because it glows with an unknown cosmic power.