Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age 21
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5"5"
Weight 140 lbs
Xemria is a wizard from deep within the jungle of Cosmitoipa. She spent an entire decade there practicing magic and left her family in order to explore the rest of Cosmitopia. Now she's come a long way from the Jungle.

Backstory Edit

Xemria was born in a shrine near the Lizahrd temple, which was at the time under attack by a legion of Dark Knights. She and her family managed to make it through the invasion in once piece but had to do more work in order to sustain Xemria's life. They succeeded, and the rest of that decade Xemria learned how to use magic. After that time, she left the jungle in order to explore the rest of Cosmitopia.

Notes Edit

All of these notes are cannon to the roleplay, some of them did happen before the official roleplay started though.

Xemria was once raped by Xylia.

Xemria isn't a real name, it's made up.

Xemria was born in the underground Jungle hence the term "Deep".

Xemria hates the crimson, but doesn't seem to bother with the corruption.

Xemria is tomboyish, sometimes a slut.

Xemria is lesbian.